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We create new digital conversations.

We innovate the marketing and communication of brands and agencies by creating customized digital strategies: we create share-proof content and activate Influencer Marketing campaigns designed to communicate to Millennials and Generation Z. Our mission is to improve the conversations between brands and people by developing solutions that anticipate new trends.

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Our Marketing services include the creation of Influencer Marketing and Trend Analysis campaigns, the activation of Performance Marketing and Online Advertising campaigns. We also deal with communication strategies designed for social media: Media Content, Short Video, and Digital PR activities.

Influencer marketing

We enhance brands’ influencer marketing activities by activating our portfolio of proprietary communities to create personalized and exclusive branded content.

Media content

From commercials to mini-series, we create editorial projects and innovative multimedia content, building the right format to convey the essence of each brand.

Advertising and performance

We enhance each brand’s social media presence through amplification and advertising activities, with the aim of increasing fanbase, engagement and impact with reviews, comments and sponsored content.

Research and quizzes

We carry out business intelligence research, analyzing social media trends and contents through our AI systems. We interview our communities to anticipate new trends and analyze data, and we offer advanced reporting and consulting.

Case Studies.

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