Our influencer marketing formula

We create new connections.

Our community ecosystem allows us to activate Talent capable of making tailored photos and videos within the social network of the moment. Thanks to our products support, Vidoser and Tik Analytics, we manage content creators, cross-channel content, and data analytics in one, all-encompassing digital marketing solution fuelled by our revolutionary influencer marketing mix formula.

Influencer marketing mix.

We marry broad and diverse content creators and influencer communities. We collaborate with the best Talent Houses, activating Millennial and Generation Z influencers in the creation of content for each platform. Our approach is data-driven, customized, and cross-channel.

Influencer mix

We advertise products and services by stimulating the creativity of our communities, providing brands with nano-, micro-, medium-, and macro-influencers; talents and celebrities.

Content mix

We connect brands to people by following the latest trends. We work with Millennials and Generation Z content creators to generate images, videos, and stories to share across multiple platforms.

Channel mix

We design cross-platform campaigns for Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook. We activate coherent brand experiences across all channels, making the brand speak with one voice through content designed on the social media channel and the brief.

Social media analysis reports

We provide strategic and targeted insights, monitoring the most trending social networks metrics and KPIs. We measure the performance and results of each campaign, ensuring detailed and personalized reports.

We collaborate with the best creators.



Let's create something extraordinary together