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Designing new digital solutions

Influencer marketing.

We design digital marketing strategies and data-driven marketing solutions for brands and agencies, engaging communities of creators and talent houses to create tailored digital experiences across platforms. We revolutionized the concept of influencer marketing, inventing a new formula: the influencer marketing mix.


We develop scalable, user-centered, data-driven digital marketing solutions that ensure maximum usability and adaptability. We put the user at the center, thanks to a data-driven approach, designing innovative and engaging digital products.

Digital products.

We create new technological scenarios. We keep up with the latest trends and innovations to develop Mobile Apps for influencers and brands, marketing tools, and web platforms for influencers. We integrate Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence systems, developing apps and solutions to support brands and agencies with influencer marketing campaigns.

White label

We design fully customizable white label digital marketing tools and agency services for every need so that you can save time and resources.


We offer targeted and strategic advice, sharing our know-how, and suggesting the best solutions to make the most of your skills and potential.

API Solutions

We create, deploy, and manage API solutions to support communication with other applications and ensure a seamless, versatile, and fast integration.

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