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We are CreationDose

We are addicted to create.

We are dreamers, creatives, marketers, developers. We believe in the power of innovation and ideas, to grow and build new realities. No obstacle can slow us down: we experiment, redesign and improve to get the most out of it. We are passionate and brave: we are CreationDose!

Alessandro La Rosa

CEO & Founder

Antonio Puleo

CMO & Founder

Raffaele Barone

CTO & Founder

Federico Tudisco

Sales Manager & Partner

Erika Molino

Frontend Dev & Partner

Andrea Reale

Product Designer & Partner

Alessia Ciccarello


Micol Platania

Account Manager

Sebastiano Barravecchia

Backend Dev

Alessandra Giuffrida

Social Media Manager

Marco Barbarossa

Graphic Designer

Marco Dodaro

Influencer Marketing Manager

Valentina La Rosa

Social Media Manager

Giulia Nicotra

Graphic Designer

Jacopo Paoletti

Partner & Advisor

Matteo Pogliani

Partner & Advisor

Simone Carusi

Partner & Advisor

Anita Likmeta

Partner & Advisor



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