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We are developing the future.

We build tailored, smart, and data-driven digital experience platforms. Our solutions are adaptable and scalable, designed to help navigation with an intuitive and catchy interface. We have made products that are used all over the world, advancing our revolution and developing an influencer marketing technology impossible to ignore.

What we do.

Mobile App

We design and develop native apps for Android and iOS devices, using React Native technology. Our user-centered, data-driven applications ensure maximum usability and adaptability.

SaaS Solutions

We designed scalable, integrated SaaS marketing products for brands and agencies that want to connect with their public with speed and flexibility. You can purchase them online and use them anywhere, on any device.

Artificial Intelligence

We have developed a powerful technology that can perform an accurate analysis of content through video recognition. Our Artificial Intelligence system identifies the main elements within each content and then moves on to the audit and approval phase.

Augmented Reality

At CreationDose, we believe in constant evolution and the search for new means and technologies to overcome ever more challenging challenges. Among our proprietary technologies, we have augmented Reality systems that create fun, immersive, and engaging digital experiences.

Data insights

Our analytics tools allow us to define, track, and monitor metrics, KPIs, and insights within the social network of the moment. In this way, we can measure campaign performances, structure original and engaging content; planning targeted data-driven advertising campaigns.

Our process

At CreationDose, we create innovative products and technologies for marketing that can drive change with creative and bold solutions. Our process involves the lean development approach and develops it in four main phases: concept, discussion, development, and feedback. The first phase is ideation: here, we let ideas and thoughts flow freely, and then discuss and analyze them together in the next step. Then, we move on to development, where we perform checks and tests to improve performances, receive feedback, and continue to refine methods and flows in an iterative cycle.

We design using the best technologies.

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