Creativity pusher

We are more than 40 Doserz, we believe in the power of creative inspiration: we combine ideas, talent, and emotions to create something unique every day.

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Our team

To generate creative ideas, we need each other: we combine our creative doses to be stronger and overcome our limits.

Our values

You feel CreationDose's energy from the first moments entering the office: the sum of the values we share push us to grow and improve daily.

Our mission

We were born in 2018, driven by the desire to connect brands to the new generations. Day after day, we create NewGen-oriented strategies and out-of-the-ordinary solutions.

Our vision

We believe in the power of disruptive ideas that shake every rule to create something new. We want to make brands and agencies understand the new generation's universe.

Custom Projects

We create communication projects tailored to meet your every need thanks to the expertise of our creative team.

Influencer Marketing

We engage Creators to tell your brand to their communities and increase trust in your brand.

UGC Platform

POV: you want to use UGC videos for your campaigns, but you don’t know how to get them. Spoiler: discover our UGC Platform.


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