Join our Factory of Creativity

Our DoseFactory is always ready to welcome you and your ideas. Coffee?

The Doserz' house

Greatness is proportionate to the Creativity it contains.

1000m² full of ideas

+90 smart workstation

10 rooms Creativity ON

36m² of Ledwall

+36.000 coffees drunk in a year

Endless meters of inspiration

Our workspaces

Basically, a headquarters that is our second home.

The Wall

From the entrance to the different coworking, every day we walk through ourmade creativity Wall. Step by step, each cm of the Wall is a recharge of energy for Doserz' eyes.


The space where we spend most of our time: our production line.

Product Lab

We create a mash-up by blending technology and creativity in the space dedicated to our Design and Product teams: it's our Tech quarter.


We get into Brainstorming with a bunch of ideas, we get out of there with a really cool project.


The space where we receive our customers and the most brilliant collaborations ever are born.


A projector, an interactive whiteboard, lockers and looots of space: everything we need to write the plot of our future projects is found in Cinema.


Our dreams come true inside the Studio: it is our film set full of talent.


Error 505: invoices, quotes, budgets, purchases, contracts, payments, recruiting... You ended up in Operation: the room that coordinates the Doserz and handles all that stuff.


POV: you're thinking your CEO is in Milan, but he’s actually planning the next move, locked up in Board: it's his Chamber of Secrets.

Kitchen Fika

For a coffee or lunch break, in our kitchen we recharge batteries and creativity.


We have to admit it: since the weather in Sicily is sunny 365 days a year, we sometimes carry out projects outside.


At 1:00 pm, each Doserz knows they will have to run faster than their colleagues to ensure the most comfortable pouf in the Agorà: so that's how our lunch break starts!


Every time the Ledwall lights up, some spectacular news is coming. What a thrill!

Our location

We are waiting for you in Catania at Via Antonino di Sangiuliano, 197. Yes, we are located right in the city center. Are you coming?

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VAT Number: IT05538860874

Registered Capital: 615,611.96€