Till exit do us apart.

More than 40 Doserz in 1000 sqm to strengthen the relationship between brands and new generations by creating technologies, products, services, and communities that anticipate new trends.

We created for

We are creativity

We address a B2B2C audience by offering experiences that meet the market needs giving life to projects of Business, Marketing, Communication, Technology, Community, and Design in line with the latest trends.

Tailor-made solutions

We create hybrid digital strategies aimed at Millennials and Generation Z: from the production of video content to the activation of Influencer Marketing campaigns, from the creation of new Brand Identity to the development of technological products.

New relationships

We know how to engage the youngest generations, creating formats and short videos that bring brands and agencies closer to their world. We make each story unique, activating our online communities of Influencers and Talent to amplify each message.

we offer

digital innovative services

Influencer Marketing

With over 35K Creators available, we will find the ones that will make you fly. Are you ready to engage with new generations?

Content Solution

POV: you want to create short videos, but don't know how. Do not worry, we are your TikTok partner-in-crime.

Research & Analysis

Each insight and data is not random: numbers are a serious matter! Do you want a report?

we create

technological and innovativeproducts


Unleach your creativity and earn with your passons: Vidoser is the perfect app to join brands' campaigns and to monetize with your contents.


Manage your campaigns by yourself with DosePlatform: the first all-in-one MadTech platform for brands and agencies that offers Influencer Marketing's tools and services.

Some numbers

We anticipate the market needs creating digital products, collaborating with online communities, and activating strategies that accelerate the growth of each business.



Fundraising optained

In the last year we have equipped CreationDose with new finances, anticipating new market evolutions.


Investee companies

To date, CreationDose has capitalized shares and established Newcos in the digital market.


Annual growth

We always keep our growth percentage positive, to adhere to our annual development plan in the best way possible.



Team members

Our team is constantly growing: we believe in the importance of investing in new talents, betting on human resources.


Average age

We speak the language of the youngest generations since we are part of it: our team is entirely made up of under 30 people.



We have built a wide network of investors who always believed in our project and confirmed their trust year after year.




We activate an entire community of Creators for the creation of social photos and videos, always in the trend with the current favorite topics.


Exclusive Talents

We choose the best digital Talents to help companies communicate with the new generations through branded content with solid communicative power.



Overall, we are supported by a large and active community on every social platform, which allows us to amplify the impact of every piece of content we create.

Our NewGen company builder

We search for the best ideas to build innovative companies, ready to scale the market. From the selection to the validation stage, we follow all the phases of a company's development and growth.

Majority stake


The Talent Agency that unleashes Creator's energy.


&love are digital marketing events designed to create valuable connections between brands and marketing and communication professionals.

Minority stake

The Catania-based gaming startup that combines videogames and advertising to improve brand engagement with its audience.

Commerciali Digitali is a team of professionals serving companies and startups to support sales.

Keplera is a reality that offers an innovative service of legal advice for startups and digital entrepreneurs.

Bonnie Beauty creates custom cosmetics for every skin type, crafting each product by hand in her own workshop.

MyChicJungle is an integrated communications and web consulting firm that help brands in the process of growth and digital development.

The Wave is the digital agency that help brands during the process of digital transformation to better address the digital market.

CVC is an advisory and fundraising firm for startups and SMEs that helps companies find investments to grow their business.

The SEO solution-oriented web-suite designed to improve the visibility and traffic of your site or that of your customers on search engines.

Offices, events, classrooms and virtual stores. Coderblock is the metaverse in which to live revolutionary virtual experiences.

A co-working space, innovation & education hub. International mindset, southern flavor.

Contents is a SaaS platform that analyzes trends and creates content automatically thanks to artificial intelligence.

Japal.it is the e-shop that allows you to buy products in an easy, reliable and fast way.

Userbot in an AI-powered Customer Experience Platform made by humans for humans.

Always in trend

We create products and services that are always in line with the latest social trends and the tastes of Millennials and Generation Z. Our goal is to provide brands with all the solutions to reach the digital natives.


Billions of $ in the MarTech Market

The global MarTech industry in 2021 recorded $345 billion, underscoring the importance of this market within industry organizations.


Billions of $ in the Digital Marketing

The global digital marketing market reached almost USD 460 billion in 2021, and is expected to be worth USD 807 billion by 2026.


Billions of $ in the Saas Market

The global SaaS world market was worth $123 billion in 2021, expecting to reach approximately $307 billion by 2026.

We are recognized by

The team

Alessandro La Rosa

Founder & CEO

Raffaele Barone

Co-Founder & CTO

Antonio Puleo

Co-Founder & CMO

Federico Tudisco

Equity Partner & Head Of Sales

Marco Dodaro

Equity Partner & Head Of Strategy

Erika Molino

Equity Partner & Head of Frontend

Alessia Ciccarello

Equity Partner & COO

Andrea Reale

Equity Partner & Head of Design

Oriana Lauria

Equity Partner & Operation Manager

Pierfrancesco Petrosillo

Chief Strategy Officer

Martina La Rosa


Rosa Anzalone

Financial Controller

Andrea Pesce

Account Manager

Giuseppe Parisi

Product Designer

Benedetto Gulisano

Senior Social Media Manager

Marta Amato

Senior Graphic Designer

Julie Sally Barrotta

Progress Manager

Desirè Rubbino

Influencer Marketing Manager

Alessandro Camuglia

Strategy Manager

Lorena Di Mauro

Marketing Manager

Salvo Sottosanti

Office Maintainer

Francesco Paglia

Software Analyst

Carlo Gennaro

Illustrator Designer

Virginia Vecchio

Junior Graphic Designer

Salvatrice Piticchio

Junior Account Executive

Simone Guarnuccio

Frontend Developer

Salvatore Scollo

UI/UX Designer

Vincenzo Giardina

Creative Strategist

Mirko Romano

Digital Specialist

Cristina Vittorio

Junior Social Media Manager

Monica Vaccarini

Account Executive

Alice Mazzocca


Deborah Ventimiglia

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Andrea Di Giacomo

Junior Account

Chiara Tomasello


Emanuela Favata

Executive Assistant

Simone Fazio


Giulia Forzano

Junior Strategist

Annalisa Sanfilippo

Legal Assistant

Alessandro Battiato

Frontend Developer

Join the team

The team

Federico Rognoni

Founder & CEO

Micol Platania

Founder e COO

Noemi Lo Cicero

Talent Manager

Ginevra Di Bella

Talent Manager

Vanessa Tropea

Talent Manager

Rosa Zappardino

Talent Manager

Ismaele Cristiano


Join the team

The team

Salvatore Russo

Founder & Creative Director

Giulia Bezzi

Co-Founder, Speaker & Professor

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