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Invest in CreationDose, the MarTech company that combines community and digital to enhance the marketing and communication of brands and agencies. Our solutions are always in line with the latest trends and innovations, quickly transforming every need into a business opportunity.

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CreationDose creates B2B2C products. By creating and aggregating communities, we develop revolutionary products able to drive digital transformation and to engage next generation.


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What we have done.


In January 2021, we launched the DosePlatform, an all-in-one platform that offers tools and services to create authentic content for brands and agencies' advertising campaigns.


Available on Android and iOS, Vidoser is the first platform able to promote products, services and brands through a community of Millennials and Generation Z.


In February 2021, we launched ResearchDose, the business intelligence service that analyzes social campaigns and helps to discover the latest industry trends, through the use of proprietary AI and community technologies.


In July 2020 we started ComedianDose, the comedy hub. Under the creative direction of Federica Cacciola, we design mini-series and tailor-made videos with the aim of telling brands in an ironic way and making each content viral on social networks.


In February 2021 we launched FashionistDose, the new fashion hub led by Lucia Del Pasqua that combines article marketing, multimedia content and social campaigns to express the full potential of each brand.


We created CreationHub, the liquid space of growth and training for startups. CreationHub is the place where you can develop your business ideas and activate new collaborations through an exchange of skills and abilities.

Who is CreationDose for.

The experience gained in the field over the years has allowed us to work with the largest companies, the best marketing agencies, and with the most prestigious media centers. We create innovative technologies and manage thousands of users and Talent: this allows us today to be ready and reactive in creating products and solutions that meet the latest market needs.

The values of our reference markets.

+121 Billion $

the value of the market related to the MarTech world

+9,7 Billion $

the value of investment in Influencer Marketing campaigns by brands

+16 Billion $

the value of analyzing industry trends in social media

The CreationDose team

Alessandro La Rosa

Founder & CEO

Raffaele Barone

Co-Founder & CTO

Antonio Puleo

Co-Founder & CIO

Alessia Ciccarello

Partner & COO

Alessandra Giuffrida

Partner & CCO

Federico Tudisco

Partner & Sales Director

Marco Dodaro

Partner & Head of Community

Micol Platania

Partner & Account Director

Andrea Reale

Partner & Head of Design

Erika Molino

Partner & Head of Frontend

Sebastiano Barravecchia

Partner & Head of Backend

Riccardo Burderi

Junior Developer

Filippo Perna

IT Assistant

Oriana Lauria

Operation Manager

Julie Sally Barrotta

Executive Assistant

Rosa Anzalone

Financial Assistant

Giulia Nicotra

Graphic Designer

Giuseppe Parisi

Graphic Designer

Marta Amato

Graphic Designer

Valentina La Rosa

Digital Manager

Benedetto Gulisano

Social Media Specialist

Antonio Paratore

Content Manager

Emanuele Pappalardo


Santi Liggieri

Press Officer

Noemi Lo Cicero

Sales Specialist

Martina La Rosa

Sales Specialist

Antonio Randazzo

Sales Specialist

Andrea Pesce

Account Specialist

Martina D'Alia

Account Specialist

Cristian Mertoli

Account Specialist

Noemi Minnelli

Community Specialist

Aurora Vacanti

Community Specialist

Tania Biral

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Claudia Barabucci

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Francesca Maltempi

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Martha Pulina

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Jacopo Paoletti

Partner & Advisor

Matteo Pogliani

Partner & Advisor

Anita Likmeta

Partner & Advisor

Simone Carusi

Partner & Advisor