Addicted to

Who we are.

We are a MarTech company that loves innovation. We develop powerful digital marketing technologies with a robust dose of creativity.

What we do.

We are specialized in developing a wide range of MarTech tools: Mobile Apps, Saas marketing tools and influencer marketing platforms. We design user-centered digital experiences that keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

How we work.

We are addicted to creativity and marry strategy with technology and marketing with UX to explore new solutions and develop innovative products used all over the world.

Our MarTech stack.


We design social storytelling campaigns for brands and agencies. Our revolutionary influencer marketing mix formula triggers many communities of content creators to create data-driven and cross-channel content. We establish genuine connections among brands and people, engaging Millennials and Gen-Zs to design in-target digital experiences.

Influencer Marketing Mix

We reinvented the very concept of influencer marketing to create a revolutionary marketing solution that brings together nano- and micro-influencers, talents and celebrities, cross-platform content, and data analysis. We help brands find influencers the right with people for every campaign that will produce pictures and videos to share on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook.


We address the ever-evolving technology and digital marketing with a swift and flexible approach, developing customized solutions with a user-centered, data-based approach. Our products are scalable, adaptable, integrable.

Agile mindset, data-driven solutions

We develop mobile apps, saas marketing tools, analytics, and artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Our mission is to provide adaptable, user-friendly digital marketing software for agencies and brands.

Our products.

We explore digital transformation with strategy and creativity. We track emerging trends, anticipate the needs of the market, and create digital products that offer targeted insights and increasingly engaging experiences.

Available on Android and iOS, Vidoser is the Mobile App to promote brands and tell their story by activating a community of Millennials and Generation Z. By participating in challenges within the app, our creators can make customized visual content, both images and videos, to share on Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitch, Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook.

Tik Analytics is the most powerful tool to instantly perform marketing analytics on Tik Tok profiles, monitoring key trends, and metrics. Thanks to the Pro suite, our technology can support brands and agencies, analyzing competitors, campaigns, and performance.

CreationHub: the space for startups.

CreationHub is a fluid space where startups can find advisory and mentorship to develop their own business. A place of growth where you can establish new collaborations and demonstrate the strength of your ideas.