We are the MarTech Company that helps brands engaging New Generations and monetizing Creators' communities.

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Since 2018 in the heart of the Creator Economy

+35K Managed Creator

+300K Created contents

+100M Impressions

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NewGen platform

Our services connect brands to New Gens through contents and techonologies.

Influencer Marketing

With over 35K available Creators, we will find the ones that will make you fly. Are you ready to engage with new generations?

Content Production

POV: you want to create short videos, but don't know how. Do not worry, we are your TikTok partner-in-crime.

Research & Analysis

Each insight and data is not random: numbers are a serious matter! Do you want a report?

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Case studies

Here are those who've already taken our dose to reach out to NewGens.

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Our lens on the new generations.

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ObservatoryZed is the first Observatory on Gen Z. We stay close to new generations to observe and understand their taste, behaviours and languages.

From an idea, to history

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