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Who chose us

Who we are.

We are the MarTech Company that uses Creativity to innovate the marketing and communication of brands and agencies. Our goal is to connect every company to the right audience through original digital solutions.

What we do.

We create hybrid digital strategies aimed at Millennials and Generation Z: from the production of video content to the activation of Influencer Marketing campaigns, from the design of new Brand Identities to the development of highly technological products, our mission is to create new conversations between brand and new generations.

How we work.

The entire team works in synergy to propose original and customized solutions to brands and agencies. Starting from a brainstorming phase, we give life to original concepts and ideas to be declined on every single product and service. We lead customers in the realization of their goals and provide them with detailed reports on the results obtained.

Our MarTech stack.

Marketing and Communication

We create creative and innovative concepts and activate advertising campaigns aimed at Generation Z and Millennials. We define the voice of each brand, telling their story through vertical digital strategies.

DosePlatform: tools and services for your campaigns

DosePlatform is the first MadTech platform that offers, in a single solution, all the tools to activate actions on social media in total autonomy and create authentic branded and media content. This revolutionary formula allows brands and agencies to get in touch with our Creators, manage their project, receive their branded content and activate their social campaigns.


We address the ever-evolving technology and digital marketing with a swift and flexible approach, developing customized solutions with a user-centered, data-based approach. Our products are scalable, adaptable, integrable.

Agile mindset, data-driven solutions

We develop mobile apps, saas marketing tools, analytics, and artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Our mission is to provide adaptable, user-friendly digital marketing software for agencies and brands.

Discover our solutions.

Collaborate with top talent and design your influencer marketing campaigns. Activate a complete solution, selecting the Creators in line with your brand and analyzing the metrics that really matter.

Vidoser, the Creator community. Available on Android and iOS, Vidoser is the Mobile App in which Creators and brands activate effective and lasting collaborations. Thanks to an advanced gamification system, our community is always active, ready to create exclusive,

Our services.

We design an original and fun corporate storytelling for brands and agencies, creating tailor-made and exclusive multimedia contents.

ComedianDose: the comedy hub.

We create customized mini-series and videos to talk about brands, taking on the challenge of making each content viral. Under the creative direction of Federica Cacciola, our comedians create branded, exclusive and fun editorial projects.

FashionistDose: the fashion hub.

FashionistDose: extravagance and glamour we talk about the world of fashion through ironic and creative digital stories, playing with style and transformation.
Guided by the artist Lucia Del Pasqua, we combine fashion, editorial projects, and multimedia content to express the full potential of each brand.