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Don't call us a startup studio: CreationHub is the company builder that turns ideas into innovative companies through a process of selection, operational support, and guidance.

The first MarTech company builder

Grow with us

We build and develop the next generation of companies, designing mentorship pathways for startups and supporting Founders as they grow and validate their companies.

CreationHub CreationDose

We choose

Not all great ideas turn into businesses. We choose only the most promising ideas to plan new projects in all the stages of growth and development.

We validate

We provide strategic and operational support to validate, refine and build new businesses and help them scale the market.

We build

We identify the best opportunities and emerging business trends to amplify the impact of each project and achieve tangible results.

CreationHub entrepreneurs

CreationHub CreationDose

Francesco Fichera

Founder & CEO @Blaster Foundry

Giuseppe Astone

Founder & CEO @Commerciali Digitali

Manfredi Domina

Co-Founder & CEO @Keplera

Marco Barone

Founding Member @Keplera

Alice Zabeo

Founder @Bonnie Beauty

Jacopo Moschini

CEO @MyChicJungle

Gabriele Belfiore

Founder @Capital Venture Consulting

Vittorio Urzí

CEO @SEO Tester Online

Giancarlo Sciuto

Co-Founder & CMO @SEO Tester Online

Salvo Tucci

COO @SEO Tester Online

Danilo Costa

Founder & CEO @Coderblock

Antonio Perdichizzi

Founder @Isola.Catania

Massimiliano Squillace

Founder & CEO

Paolo Francesco Broglia

Founder & CEO @Japal

Antonio Giarrusso

Founder & CEO @Userbot

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Our method

The principle behind our company builder is to support Founders, Startups, and SMEs in the development of their idea, sharing the skills, methods, and know-how of all the realities in the CreationHub.

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Idea validation

We support Founders and entrepreneurs in the most delicate phase of the business growth process, helping them to give shape to their idea.



We follow the process of incorporation of companies, offering all the bureaucratic and legal support necessary for the start-up of the company.



We help startups to raise the necessary funds for the development of their business, putting them in touch with all the realities and organizations useful to optimize the collection.



We offer the support of our internal network to accelerate the growth and development of each reality, sharing methods, processes and resources.


Go to market

We share our hub business network, with the goal of bringing startups and companies closer to our customers.



We stimulate the growth of each business, proposing new objectives and new opportunities for development and connection.

Our numbers

Our community builder has already empowered and made several companies in the digital and innovation landscape. Our numbers continue to grow, guaranteeing all companies and startups in the system the acquisition of a proven method.

Startup CreationDose


Funding reached

Intending to anticipate the evolution of the market in which we operate, in recent months we have worked to provide CreationDose with the necessary resources to grow and develop.


Companies founded

We have created companies specialized in the current digital scenario, responding to emerging demands and anticipating new market needs.


Investee companies

We invest in promising companies, supporting them with our know-how and advising them on the actions to be taken in their growth path.


Newspapers talked about us

Many newspapers have taken an interest in us, in our services, and in the realities we support, amplifying the impact of our online and offline actions.

CreationHub Investee Companies

Many startups have joined us to build their path together, exchanging skills, technologies, and processes. Take part in our ecosystem!

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Join our company builder: make your idea a reality or accelerate the growth of your startup. Learn our method and create new business opportunities by getting in touch with the Founders inside the CreationHub.

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Believe in us and the realities present within our hub. Our solutions are aimed at a B2B2C target, covering the entire service area of the MarTech sector.

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