We are high, on creativity.

We defend the right to creativity and explosive experimentation. We fight against the mediocrity of the digital scenario, proclaiming the defense of originality.

Minds in motion

We believe in the responsibility of freedom and the speed of thought and action. We abolish any compromise that limits ideas, suffocating them in KPIs. We are not an agency, we are a community of creatives.


stories worth telling

we are


We like rules, but only if we can change them. We are not made to move within old patterns: we explode to rebuild.

we are


Not all that glitters is gold, but we shine - oh yes! We believe in excellence and perfection: we are young, but no less experienced for that.

we are


We love our work and that's why we can do it so well. Come on, do you want to join us?

we are


Call us crazy or idealistic: we don’t mind your p's and q's! We always turn our noses up, but only to look upward.

we are


We believe in the power of dreams and we have no intention of stopping. Do you remember the last time you believed in something?

we are


We stand up for our ideas and for the stories we want to tell. There are no doubts for those who want to dare.

we are


If you've read this far, you already know there's something new in town. But, what do different even mean?

we are


Each of us has a spark inside: we are a team of talents who strive for beauty and originality.

we are


Not just a place to work: we built a home, a place to express ourselves. Come visit us: it will be a big party.

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