A new generation of Influencer Marketing

New generations trust a Creator's opinions like the ones of their friends: choosing who's gonna represent your brand is a crucial step for a winning campaign.

We created for

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Why create with us

We have always been on TikTok

We create on TikTok since its name was musical.ly

Scouting CreationDose

We find the best Creators

We pick the Creators most suited to your objectives through our AI systems

Relax, we take care of everything

From strategy to production, an all included service

Influencer Marketing: our process

From the target to the briefing

Scenario, strategy and scouting: after we have defined your objectives and targeted audience, we find the Creators in line with your brand in order to start producing the brief.

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Approval and release

After creating the content with our Creators, we choose together an editorial calendar to activate and amplify your Influencer Marketing campaign.

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Final report

From contents' monitoring to the making of detailed reports with all the valuable KPI: we take care of every single aspect of your Influencer Marketing campaign.

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Grasp new generations' attention.