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Vidoser is the Mobile content creation app for influencers that connects them with the brands that are looking for them through original and engaging challenges. Thanks to its gamification system, our content creator community make photos and videos that catch up with the most recent trends. We skim the content with our QC team and our Artificial Intelligence system that checks and analyzes every single element of each piece of content before approving the sharing in apps over the social platforms.

Content creation

Through our content creation tool, we activate a whole community of Millennials and Generation Zs in the creation of photos, stories, and videos to share on social networks following the hottest trends.

Cross-Channel Campaigns

We design social campaigns on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook. Our creators make different content for each goal and channel.

Social media analysis report

We measure results and track the progress of each campaign, keeping an eye on metrics and KPIs within social networks.

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Creativity never stops

We are developing new proprietary technologies and new products that can explore digital transformation with curiosity and creativity. CreationDose's new solutions will deliver targeted metrics and insights, providing new content creation tools and influencer platforms for unique, engaging content. For us, the future is already here.