Research beyond data

We help brands getting closer to new gens thanks to our proprietary analysis systems. We study the gathered data to define unique and striking creative strategies.

We created for

Why our analysis is unique

Analytical depth

50% more data gathered with our systems compared to other online tools.

Strategic insight of the data

We analyze data to give you strategic inisghts on how to improve your strategy.

Proprietary vocabulary

We use a database of over 15K words to conduct sentiment analysis of communities.

How do we analyze your audience

Our proprietary technologies let you understand your audience, giving you a unique service, able to guide you towards the empowerment of your strategy.

Sentiment analysis

Lets evaluate your audience's opinion, analyzing every voice to discover your brand's identity.

Topic analysis

We identify the most discussed topics online, comparing those on your brand with the latest emerging trends.

Feature extraction

We extrapolate the most relevant insights from textual and visual contents, to direct the algorythm in your favor and optimize your strategy.

Emotion detection

By supervising your target's interactions, we map their emotions to obtain accurate data for your business.

Logo & product recognition

Lets look for contents about your product/brand to analyze the customers' satisfaction.

Survey & polls

By creating interactive and engaging surveys, we analyze your audience's sentiment about your brand and the latest trendsbrand o agli ultimi trend.

Diachronic analysis

We define and compare different time periods to give you precise insights on your path and on possible changes that have occurred.

Geographic analysis

We study where your targets come from in order to understand where are the areas with the most engagement from your audience.

Channels analysis

We find the most suited channels for spreading your message and communicate efficiently with your target.

Listen to what your audience is not saying.

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